enhancing the art of the lash


Easy Step Guild

  • Remove top lining of first strip with tweezers, starting at the kiss cut found in the center of tape page.
  • Lay your lash across the adhesive.
  • Remove lashes and adhesive from the backing, with tweezers at one of of the ends (If needed, cut off any excess length of tape with sharp scissors).
  • Hold the lashes and match to eyelash line in the position you want them to adhere.
  • Press lashes to skin as close to the eyelash line as possible.

We understand that this product is new to you and you made need some guidance. We had to practice as well while we creating this fantastic product.  Provided below; you will find a Quick Step Guide as well as a video or two.

Please visit this page often, as we are always updating with; steps, videos and tips from our experts as well as for you. 

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