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Gina’s Story

Fifteen years ago, I developed Alopecia Universalis.


Alopecia Universalis (or Alopecia) results in COMPLETE body hair loss: hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, you name it—all gone. My emergency c-section had not only caused a traumatic infection, it’d caused me to lose all my beautiful hair.


I was, understandably, devastated.


To deal with this new change, I started wearing false eyelashes. It was one of the few things that could make up for the loss of my body hair. At first, it turned out just fine. Although eyelash glue is messy and inconvenient, it works. Over time, however, the true damaging effects of eyelash glue are revealed.


Eyelash glue, even the hypoallergenic types, is simply NOT good for your eyes and skin. Use the glue regularly for several months and years, and you’re bound to develop an allergic reaction, which is exactly what happened to me. Eventually, my doctor told me I could no longer use the glue, or I’d risk losing my eyes.


The few things that made Alopecia bearable was the ability to wear false eyelashes, but now even that was taken away from me. My self-confidence was crushed, yet again. A few years ago, I decided I’d had enough—I wanted my eyelashes back. If there were no non-toxic, hypoallergenic, latex free eyelash adhesives on the market, then I’d make it myself! It took an enormous amount of testing, development and plenty of help from my friends and family, but eventually, my efforts proved successful. I created an eyelash adhesive that was safer, more convenient, and overall better quality than any eyelash glue or other adhesive on the market. I couldn’t wait to start wearing false eyelashes again! Then it hit me.


This eyelash adhesive is perfect for more than just me. It’s perfect for all those who suffer from Alopecia. It’s perfect for performers. It’s perfect for makeup artists. It’s perfect for those undergoing cancer treatment. Most importantly, however, this eyelash adhesive is perfect for the millions of women who want a safe and more convenient way to enhance their beauty naturally! Soon after realizing this, I partnered with a few exceptional business professionals, and Fantabulash was born.


Now that we’ve perfected our product and gained FDA (and ophthalmologist!) approval, we’re ready to take Fantabulash to the market and revolutionize eyelash adhesives!


– Gina Walker, Found of Fantabulash


– Gina Walker, Found of Fantabulash