Fantabulashsh Tape is a safer and a more effective way to wearing false eyelashes. Each package comes with 30 applications. This means you can wear your lashes up to 30 different times with any lashes of your choice. Fantabulash helps you wear your falsies comfortably ALL day long without any irritation!! It is easy to use and keeps your natural lashes from being torn out. It is simply the best hypoallergenic false eyelash adhesive on the market!



  The benefits of using Fantabulash Tape over traditional glues are:

  • -It is safe for the eyes and skin
  • -The tape is hypoallergenic
  • -Non-irritating
  • -Latex and Formaldehyde free
  • -No mess or gluing your eyes shut
  • -It is more comfortable
  • -Easy to apply -Keeps your false lashes lasting longer
  • -Doesn’t tear out your real lashes
  • -It last all day without lifting
  • -And we guarantee a 12 hour wear

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